The perfect beach?
We wanted to go on holidays and quickly became frustrated at not being able to find a beach that had exactly what we wanted.
And above all, we want results that will go beyond what we already know.
And so, was born.
We collect over 100 attributes about each beach we curate.

When you tell us what you want, we match with our data and the result is a list of beaches
that is just right for you.
The perfect beach exists.
It's just not the same for everyone.
Your team.
Nishul Saperia - CEO
The chap that started it all. He loves the ocean and is a diver, surfer, swimmer and is happiest being thrown around by big waves.
Maria Stylianou - Tech
The girl behind the code. Maria is a social geek who loves building products & relationships and has a constant crave to travel.
Nuno Veiga - Marketing
Nuno loves putting the right thing in front of the right person at the right moment. He also plays civilization. A lot.